Keeping track of your divers

The Diver DACAD System™ is for tracking, monitoring and communicating with your divers

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Built by divers for divers

Find out moreThe Diver DACAD System™ is a revolutionary world-first diver monitoring and tracking innovation developed by
Monitoring Technologies New Zealand Limited (MonTech) in New Zealand.

The Diver DACAD™ System

First developed in 2006, the Diver DACAD System™ is a New Zealand developed diver monitoring and tracking system that monitors various parameters including depth, air, water temperature and range to diver – and it accurately tracks and positions divers within a range of more than 2.0km in ideal conditions.

Diving is dangerous – in fact for exposure duration it’s the most dangerous work in the world. The Diver DACAD System™ was developed to improve diving safety for use in the Military, First Responder, Construction and Commercial Diving industries.

The Diver DACAD System™ is a revolutionary and innovative product designed by divers for divers that will keep track of your divers’ position – and their health.

The Diver DACAD System™ is a proud New Zealand innovation – fully developed, produced and manufactured in New Zealand.

The Diver DACAD System™ is patent protected throughout the world. It’s New Zealand patent 560653 is granted and sealed with a priority date of 15 August 2007. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Patents have been filed in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Diver DACAD System™ is controlled by New Zealand Strategic Goods with some variants also controlled under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), Significant Military Equipment (SME). A non-regulated version will be available soon.

Winner of TechNZ Best Innovation Showcase 2010

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