Diver DACAD System™

How does it work?

The Diver DACAD (Data Acquisition Communication and Display) System™ is a tracking, monitoring, communications and display system that is integrated with a diver’s equipment. It surface monitors several divers at one time, regardless of whether air is supplied from the surface via umbilical, or SCUBA, or a combination of divers using either type of air supply.

Simultaneous information on up to 12 divers is transmitted via an underwater modem to a receiving unit on the surface and then to a monitoring computer that records, calculates and displays the various parameters using full 3D tracking. This means a dive master now has a replication of each diver’s dive computer, has full situational awareness of each diver and can intervene, if required, in real time.

The Diver DACAD System™ uses unique dive master tracking and monitoring software that is based on published tables developed by the US Navy, DCIEM, and Buhlmann. It calculates decompression to a maximum depth of 70m (229ft), holds a database of dive/diver information, and simultaneously provides an audit trail for diving activity.

The Diver DACAD System™ software facilitates dive planning (to the known tables) with pre-loaded dive plan capability. If the Diver DACAD System™ monitored dive departs from the dive plan, new calculations are performed “on the fly” to give the dive master updated information in real time of the effect the deviation has on the dive plan. All monitoring aspects of the dive are recorded and can be played back for later analysis and audit.

Dives are currently monitored for HP (and/or IP) air pressure, depth, water temperature and position. This means the dive master knows a diver’s position (either absolute or relative to the dive tender), the diver’s depth and descent/ascent rates, and the diver’s remaining air time/decompression schedule.

Dive command and control is vastly improved with the Diver DACAD System™ as it is now possible for the dive master, the skipper and/or the coxswain to share the same information.